Organ in Noordwolde

About the first organ is little known, but documented is the year 1570.
Hendrik and Johan Huisz built a three-manual organ in 1658 and used a large part of the pipes from 1570. Berend Huisz (Huß) was their brother who worked as an organ builder in Stade Northern Germany and bequeathed his workshop to Arp Schnitger. Striking is the Bazuin, which was made in 1621 the oldest pedal reed in the world is.

Heinrich Hermann Freytag restored the organ in 1802 with 20 stops divided over Pedal, Hoofdwerk and Positive. The old pipework was in good condition and was placed in the restored organ by Freytag. In 1833 Antonie Lohman carried out maintenance work on the organ, voiced the pipes and adjusted the tuning. Since then, in 170 years nothing has changed on the organ.

In 2004 the organ was in urgent need of a major restoration, which was done by Mense Ruiter. He assumed the condition of 1833 and respected the historical value of the more than 400-year-old pipework. The organ has a soundrich main choir and a wide variety of flutes. The Viola di Gamba, made in 1833, was preserved for its lovely character.

The tuning has been reconstructed after the Lohman organ in Farmsum (1/8 comma and partly 1/16 comma - Klaas Bolt) A= 465 Hz.

High-quality samples

Of this eight-channel sample set, I only use the stereo channel with the DRY recordings. The behavior of the tones is recorded in the sample from the start, the build up of the tone and the ending of the tone with all side effects. They are large files, because every effort has been made to show all the details of the characteristic properties. Not only the transparent Clarity, but also the lovely Poetry and the deep Gravity. Especially the latter is difficult to capture in samples, but a lot of attention has been paid to the latest sample sets from Sonus Paradisi.

Two channels (stereo) with DRY samples reproduce the sounds that are exactly the same on this organ as the sounds that the organist hears at the console. The organ in Noordwolde is well reproduced with the acoustics from the Convolution Reverb.